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Why healthy? Well although many health gurus (don’t you just love that word) would have us believe that to be healthy you have to exist on a diet of green tea, bean sprout mush and seaweed enemas. At nearlyhealthy. com we beg to differ.

While we are quite happy to add bean sprouts to a crisp dressed summer salad or hot crunchy stir fry, and are even partial to the occasional cup of green tea, I’m not going to even pretend to recommend the enema. We also think the occasional glass of wine, cured Italian ham and fine Belgian chocolates are a great addition to a healthy, happy and of course tasty table.

Good food does not have to be hard or complicated to cook.You just need to start with quality, easy recipes, good ingredients and keep it simple.Easy recipes are just that,there is no need to spoil a simple meal by using bottled sauces and the like when it only takes five minutes, and a few simple things you probably have in your kitchen anyway to create wonderful light great tasting fresh sauces.

We aim to bring you some great easy recipes to try at home, as well as the best in quality food and product supplies.Advice on menus for special occasions. Reviews for some great cookery book’s, both online and paper and equipment and gadget news.Could you imagine being without your chrome plated, multi-function, recycled, fair traded Bolivian coffee grinder? And of course article’s on good food both from around the world and close to home.

We will also be bringing you information and easy recipes from around the world (I’ve lost my Mongolian deep fried bean curd recipe and am searching for an alternative). Or if you have yet to find a mass audience for granny’s fabled suet and egg curd pudding just e-mail it to us using the contact us form and share the tasty treat with us all.We are starting the site small and hoping to expand rapidly so that we cover all aspects of food and food related topics (good food that is).

We will also be exploring food from different cultures such as Indian food, classical French food, Chinese food, Spanish food, and Portuguese food, East European food, traditional British food and of course Italian food. You will note the absence of fast food, although we will be exploring the growing popularity of the slow food movement. Hopefully you’ll join us along the way at the table as well here at for the best in easy recipes that taste great.