there are conflicting theories about the causes of heart disease without clear answers to protect the heart completely. The best known causes are associated cholesterol in the diet, lack of exercise and smoking. While each of these causes of heart problems are documented and preached by the medical community, conflicting views claim that research does not correspond to history. They point to the fact that reducing the number of heart attacks when smoking increasingly popular, and eat foods high in fat content was, was en vogue.
Numerous studies associate who, this causes many deaths from heart attact in the United States. Cholesterol is made responsible for the thickening of the blood that the heart work harder and causes thickening of the blood and blood clots. It is the formation of blood clots that block the arteries of the heart, often a result of a heart attack. By reducing the amount of cholesterol in the blood, it is one of the causes of heart disease, which can be controlled by a change of lifestyle.
A lack of movement is also noted as one of the causes of heart disease and carries out the logic. People who are not in some form of regular exercise have often weakened heart muscle. A sudden increase in activity leads to the heart work harder, that it can lead to a weakening of blood vessels collapse is used.
Strengthening the heart and arteries open.
Another advantage is that it called exercise, the heart more blood, which contains an increase in oxygen pump. Exercise need not be at the level of professional athletes train for big event, but about 30 minutes per week can help eliminate one of the causes of heart disease with minimal effort.
Smoking is another of the causes of heart disease, which can be eliminated by a change of lifestyle. Smoke from cigarettes, the lung blocks ability to pass along oxygen to the blood that she carries to the heart, brain and other organs. By removing the toxins in cigarette smoke that oxygen goes to the blood is purer and healthier.
Another of the causes of heart disease is genetic. With his parents passing congenital heart problems may not participate generations, heart disease, even if they do not suffer in any lifestyle activities as a risk for heart problems, is.
Common Vitamins and over the counter products can help with heart disease, such as vitamin B, green tea, and oat bran.
Vitamin B as a team perform vital biological processes, taken including assistance in the healing process for heart failure and reduces fluid retention. It is necessary for the development of red blood cells.
Green tea contains antioxidants that against heart disease, can protect various types of cancer, and skin damage.
Oat bran muffins to lower cholesterol in healthy college students by almost 10 percent.