Extreme Fitness

Jul 10, 2022

Extreme Fitness should not be a momentary thought, a short-term goal or an unattainable wish. It should be an on-going goal – because your body deserves to be fit at every stage of your life. On this page,we share a number of fitness guidlines with you – stick to them and you’d be talking fit for life!

Planning your extreme fitness program

Getting Started
Nutrition – How to go about it.
What Excercise options should you be considering?
How about Aerobics
How about Yoga?
How about Pilates?
When All Fails.


Change in stored calories = calories consumed – energy expenditure

This simply means that “if you are consuming more calories than the extent of activity, your weight stays the same or increases!!”

Before you start planning an extreme fitness program, you need to get into the right state of mind. Extreme fitness is a choice that you are in control of – think about this for a minute. Setting up your fitness program is a straight forward process for the most part. For most people, the first hurdle is getting started. You need to be determined to be fit. Know what plans are available to you. Know what hurdles to expect and you need to be prepared to stick to your fitness plan. Emphasized, your goal is: Lose weight. Get Healthy. Keep it off!


You can jumpstart your your extreme fitness program by taking the time to plan your daily meals and snacks. It is easier to make a decision about what you are going to eat if you know and understand the role your various food groups play. More on this …. Knowing how the food groups contribute to your overall fitness is one thing. Knowing where to find them and how to use them effectively is another. See the 10 healthiest foods list and find out which foods you want to incorporate into your daily meals. Have fun preparing your meals, good nutrition doesn’t mean boring or tasteless. More on this …. The goal is to recduce the amount of calories you are consuming not to starve to death. Changes in diet aren’t about deprivation but about making healthy eating choices for life. You need to eat enough food to give your body the necessary energy, vitamins and nutrients it requires to function at its peak. However, make every food you put into your mouth count. To achieve this, eat a variety of foods, don’t give up your favorite foods (this will help you stay on track). Simply pay attention to potion and size and never supersize your food.


Before starting an exercise or dieting program, talk to your doctor and have a thorough physical exam including an examination of your feet. This is also a good time to get a vision exam.

Use the following FREE resources to help you get started on your extreme fitness plan.

1. Keep track of your progress. An easy way to do this is with a HealthFitCounter . Monitoring your progress will help you set realistic goals and serves as a great motivator.

2. Before you start any diet, we recommend that you get you take a professional diet personality test. Click here to Take Dr. Kushner’s Free Diet Personality Test Today!

3. Also, before you start any excercise, get a Free Weight Loss Consultation.

4. Finally we highly recommend that you get a heart health evaluation. Click here to Get Your Free Heart Health Evaluation and to get more information on why you may need one.

As part of your extreme fitness plan, apply the following tips to help you reduce how much food you are eating a day!

Extreme fitness tip #1
Drink a lot of water. Drinking a glass of water before your meal will fill you up, so that you consume less. Also water is essential for good health. It provides a means for treansporting nutrients throughout the body.

Extreme fitness tip #2
Make healthy versions of your favorite foods by substituting low-fat ingredients for the higher fat varieties.

Extreme fitness tip #3
Cut down on the sugar, you will enjoy a lot of health benefits such as a reduced risk of diabetes, reduce or eliminate yeast infections and greatly reduce your weight. If you drink a lot of soda, cut down on the soda – drink water instead.

Extreme fitness tip #4
Add light yogurt to your diet. Yoplait light has been clinically shown to enhance weight and fat loss. You can make a tasty low-fat mashed potatoes by whipping in plain yogurt and low-fat cheese.

Extreme fitness tip #5
Base your diet on foods that are low in fat, salt, and sugar and high in fiber such as beans, fruits, vegetables and grains.

Extreme fitness tip #6
Stir-fry, bake, broil or grill your meats, fish and veggies instead of frying them.

Grilling and stir-frying is a great way to create high flavor, low-fat meals. Also, roasting vegetables on the grill brings out their natural flavor.

Extreme fitness tip #7
If you increase your intake of fiber-rich foods such as apples, almonds and brown rice, you’ll feel full and eat less.

Extreme fitness tip #8
Nuts, fruits and vegetables are nature’s original fast foods. Eat grapes, raisins, baby carrots, nuts, apples and oranges on the go. Also, keep fruits and vegetables visible in your refrigerator.

Extreme fitness tip #9
Avoid junk food. They are so easy to get into and loaded with calories.

Extreme fitness tip #10
If you stray from your extreme fitness plan, don’t beat yourself up, don’t give up – just get right back on track!


What type of exercises should you be doing? With so much focus on weight loss, weight control, muscle building, toning and core-strengthening – just to name a few of the focuses out there, people that have not kept up with the focus of exercises and trends get confused when trying to choose an excercise regimen to fit their needs. Your excercise should include an aerobic excercise and then a targeted excercise to address your individual issues. Below we have laid out the benefits and “what is” of the most popular and essential excercises to help you choose and excercise plan to incorporate into your extreme fitness plan.

Aerobic Excercise:

What is aerobic excercise? Aerobic excercise is a must for a healthy heart. Aerobic, isotonic, cardiovascular or dynamic excercises are those excercises that are made up of rhythmic, repetitive, frequent movements that challenges the circulatory system, using the large muscles.

Some recommended aerobic excercises include walking, hiking, jogging, bicycling, swimming, rope jumping and marching in place. The trick here is that you have to keep moving, you can perform aerobic excercise while toning your arms or other parts of your body. This type of excercise promotes cardiovascular fitness by significantly increasing the blood flow to the muscles for an extended period of time. With the non-stop movement, the heart beats faster, which causes the the blood circulates more quickly, delivering extra oxygen to the muscles.


What is Yoga? Today, many people use the word “Yoga” to refer to the practice of physical postures or poses and stretching designed to generate power through stamina. In reality, the aspect of Yoga that is popularly practiced is Asana, a Sanskrit word, which is only one of the eight types of yoga. The rest are more concerned with mental and spiritual well being than physical activity. The area of Yoga that we are concerned with is Asana, a series of stretches and physical postures which typically includes breating excercises. Yoga is a good excercise to get into, since even beginners can start a yoga practice, although the poses themselves do not change, an individuals way of relating to the poses will as you get more advanced or more comfortable with each pose. The practice is always evolving and changing so it never gets boring. Yoga is low-impact so that you can complete an intensive workout before you realize you have been through it! Yoga comes highly recommended. A thorough work-out will shape, stretch and tone you from head to toe. And you will definitely feel good about yourself at the end of each excercise.

The benefits of yoga.

After you have practiced yoga for a while, you will notice and increase in your grip strength, an increase in your eye-hand coordination, improved dexterity skills, improved reaction time, improved posture, improved strength, increased resiliency and endurance, increased energy level, weight normalizes, better sleeping habits, improved immunity, decreased pain symptoms, improved balance and steadiness, improved depth perception, harmonized functioning of body parts.


What is Pilates? Pilates is a body conditioning fitness technique that targets the deep postural muscles. It works by using a series of slow, controlled moves to completely rebalance the body, bringing it into complete alignment. This way you strengthen the core which means building strength from the inside out. The techniques offered by pilates will help to completely reshape your body, leaving you with a longer, leaner and more toned look. Pilates is also used to improve posture, to relieve unwanted stress and tension. It’s slow, controlled approach means that it gives much longer-term results – and it is highly recommended by medical specialists for those with back problems. Winsor Pilates has recieved a lot of attention in this area.

The benefits of Pilates

After you have engaged in pilates for a while, you will experience greater strength and muscle tone, more efficient respiratory, lymphatic and circulatory systems, better posture, a flatter stomach and trimmer waist, improved flexibility, less incidence of back pain, increased joint mobility, lower stress level. For more information, visit Winsor Pilates


Strength exercises: Use these excercises to build muscles and increase your metabolism, while controlling your weight and blood sugar.

Balance exercises Use these excercises to build leg muscles and balance.

Stretching exercises: Use these excercises to improve your resiliency and endurance, posture, cordination while reducing stress and strengthining the entire body.

Endurance exercises: Most of these are aerobic excercises. Use these excercises to build your endurance gradually. Some good examples are walking, jogging, swimming, biking, marching in place. Any excercise that is rhythimic and repetitive that you can do for a while which will increases your heart rate and breathing for an extended period of time. Build up your endurance gradually, starting with as little as 5 minutes of endurance activities at a time.


1. Get that patch!

We have come to desperate measures! The patch has become a life saver for many people who have a hard time losing weight, sticking to their birth-control pills, trying to stop smoking and so much more. Use the patch on a short-term basis; Remember our begining goal, to gain self discipline so that you can do the right things and achieve long-term results. 1800Patches Weight Loss comes highly recommended.

2. Hire a fitness expert!

Also consider using a personal trainers or nutrition experts. A fitness expert will help you make sure you stay on track. They are great for motivation and they can help you draw out a plan that will work. Also, positive criticism when required could be very helpful. If you can’t afford one – get a fitness tape or dvd that has been personalized to meet different needs.

3. Hit a plateau?

If your problem is getting past that Plateau (a plateau exists when you find that irrelevant of how much excercise you are doing and how little you may be eating, you weight remains the same. This can be the case for weeks), increase your activity, and reduce your food intake. When you hit a plateau, it just means that your body has re-adjusted metabolism so as to accomodate the changes you have introduced to it!

Extreme fitness is not about being super thin, or about achieving instant weight loss so you can fit into that outfit for your best friends wedding; or about sticking to all those rules you knew were right for you from the start, only after you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness. No, it is an on-going process. Call it the “fit-for-life” or “24-hour-fitness” concept. It is about feeling good about yourself and looking good, proper nutrition, weight control and adequate activity. It is about self-love and self control. To be successful, you must get in the right frame of mind. You should want to do something for yourself, you should want to look your best and feel your best – and all because you believe you deserve it (because you do!)

We wish you luck with your extreme fitness program.