Pork is officially the most popular meat on the planet. And especially easy pork recipes since pork is the food, or at least the meat, that feeds the world. It’s production now accounts for 38 percent of all meat production. This extreme popularity in Asia and especially the Far East insures that it even beats the evergreen chicken into second place.Actually if your chicken is that color its probably better not to eat it at all.

Pork was very popular with the Greeks, Romans and other assorted Europeans.But it didn’t arrive in the Americas until Christopher Columbus looked over the prow of his boat at the new world while chewing a spare rib and said to himself, “that doesn’t look like India, I wonder if they any fizzy drinks that would go well with this? ”

In recent times the popularity of pork has come into question due its high fat content. Farmers, especially U.S. farmers responded to this by breeding leaner animals that are more acceptable to today’s weight and cholesterol conscious society.Although this may make the meat a little healthier it is also a shame as much of the flavor is derived from the fat content.

It is of course still possible to cook pork that is full of flavor, and there are many good tenderloin recipes, pork chop recipes and especially roast recipes to choose from. You just need a little more care and attention to make sure the meat doesn’t dry out, and absorbs as many flavors as possible from herbs, spices, marinades as you can.

If you what something a little more special than what is on offer at the local supermarket it is well worth a bit of research into organic and traditional breeds. These can have a lot more flavor than the mass-produced, homogenized fare we are normally offered.

Let a mouse find your dinner

If you cannot find a good quality local pork supplier these can be difficult to source. The modern shopping alternative however makes things much easier and you can buy pork online from all over the U.S. and Europe and get the best cuts delivered to your door.

So before you dig your favorite easy pork recipe, tenderloin recipe, chop recipe or roast recipe out, get your mouse out first and let the finest cuts from the finest butchers find their way to your table. With good ingredients even the simplest easy pork recipes can become something quite wonderful.

Even something as simple as the humble chop can be a delight. Just brush with a little vegetable oil, season with sea salt and a few twists of black pepper and broil until nearly cooked.

Then take out and spread with a little English mustard and sugar and finish broiling until cooked (but not overcooked). Serve simply with mashed potato and sage butter for a light lunch.

Pork meat balls with provencal sauce

Easy pork recipes sweet and sour pork stir fry