Fish recipes and especially easy fish recipes are one of the quickest and simplest way to get great taste into the kitchen.

But that is not the only (and certainly not the best)reason for making them.

But it never hurts to have another reson to cook easy fish recipes.

Are you getting a little, or a lot, tired of hearing about what we shouldn’t eat all the time? No fat, no sugar, no salt, well there is one food that all the experts (sic) seem to agree on is that we should be eating more fish.

Apparently it helps lower blood pressure can reduce the risk of heart attack, helps improve kidney function, ensures the proper development of the brain (I knew I should have eaten it earlier) and may even help you live longer.

At least that’s what the doctors are telling us this week. Apparently twice a week we should all be eating some kind of fish or sea food.

I don’t know about you but personally I’m not so precise in my choice of when to eat what, but it is nice to hear a positive food story.

Aside from the reported health benefits is the real reason for eating small, medium or indeed large amounts of fish is that with a minimum of effort and skill you can produce something quite sublime.

There are few more rewarding culinary experiences than eating some lightly grilled white fish with a little seasoned with sea salt, cracked black pepper a slice of parsley butter and eaten with a few new potatoes, what more could you want other than a few friends to share it with?

Unless you own a posh restaurant, or are an internationally renowned chef simplicity is the way to go.

Fish is a delicate food that benefits from a light hand with the seasonings and a careful cooking.

On the whole an easy fish recipe, properly cooked, is a good recipe. A quick easy fish recipe is even better.

It needs to be just cooked and no more. An overcooked fish is a sad meal, but a well-cooked one is sublime.

Baked fish recipes can open up a whole new avenue of flavor. A trout stuffed with sliced red onion, fresh dill. a little lemon and garlic, brushed with a olive oil and sprinkled with sliced almonds, baked for ten or so minutes in a hot oven and eaten with a fresh green salad is hard to beat.

Unless it is a particularly large piece are very few times that you will need to cook your fish for longer than ten minutes weather you are baking, grilling, broiling, poaching, steaming or frying.

Fish really is the ultimate fast food.

Then main work to ensure a wonderfully cooked tasty meal with fish is not to what we do in the cooking, but in the buying.

Fish must be fresh to be at it’s best.

If you cannot find good fresh fish, then buy the best frozen fish you can find. There is no point in buying fish from a fishmonger unless it is better quality and that means fresh.

Always choose fish that have a bright color and fresh, not fishy smell. Look for bright clear eyes and tight skin.

Try to buy fish as near as possible to when you are going to use it.

Don’t buy a piece of fish because it looks nice when you’re not going to be cooking it for a couple of days.

When you do cook it, it will not be the same as when you bought it.

Buy good quality fish cook it lightly and don’t over season an easy fish recipe is a good fish recipe.