Easy dessert recipes are, or at least should be, the finale of a meal.

This is not the right place or circumstance for “low fat” alternatives, if you want low fat eat an apple! It is definitely the nearly part of a nearly healthy diet.

There is nothing wrong with eating a high fat high cholesterol dessert, just not every day!

Save it for the weekend, or a meal with a few good friends when you can relax, sit, talk, eat and enjoy, when it is not the time to worry about calories and low carb recipes or sugar free recipes and fat content.

Even if you don’t have a huge amount of time to prepare ,as is so often the case these days, there are plenty of quick and easy dessert recipes to choose from . A simple cheesecake, an easy to make pudding if ever there was one, can be the highlight of a meal, and yet take no more than a few minutes to prepare.

If you have a little more room for maneuver however there is the full spectrum of national and international desserts to choose from:







And of course mousses, ice creams, and chocolate creations of every kind!

Easy dessert recipes freshness is the key

Even a humble whip can be a wonderful light finish to a meal just by the use of good fresh ingredients.

What could be simpler, some lightly whipped cream a little icing (confectioner’s) sugar a few drops of vanilla essence, bourbon is best,(no not the drink at least not until you have finished cooking),and a large handful of crushed berries.

What could be simpler or finer and yet most people still buy the horrible packets of supermarket chemical goo with goodness knows what in them.

When the only real difference in convenience is that it take’s two minutes instead of five to make.

A little more care in the shopping basket can make a great deal of difference to the finished product and never more so than with desserts.